Stewart Media came to fruition when filmmaker Travis Stewart set out to create a media company that is caters to the client's needs first. With over 15 years of professional television experience as a writer, editor, cinematographer and producer Travis's resume stretches from the west coast to the east coast. Starting on his own in Los Angeles he went from being an unpaid intern to a full time Senior Editor in less than a year. Travis completed work for many notable namesakes including the reality show Fear Factor, Disney, UNICEF and more; all before the age of 21.  He went on to start an international broadcast television show that ran for 900 episodes, working on the media marketing campaign for a charity organization whose goal was to help feed and clothe impoverished families of the Appalachian mountains. After starting Stewart Media in Boulder, CO moved back to his home state of North Carolina where the business had continued growth and success. With a long list of happy clients and a reputation for perfectly translating every one of his client's visions to the screen, he is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technologies in an ever-changing market and working with you to create the best videos possible. Travis currently resides in Winston Salem, NC.

Travis Stewart

Owner and Creative Director